100% Satisfaction guarantee
What makes our paper be jam-free?

Runnability depends primarily on stiffness and thickness, not grammage. High standards in Discovery’s manufacturing process ensure excellent stiffness and thickness even with a lower sheet weight, making for superb performance, particularly in high volume equipment.

100% Satisfaction guarantee
How is Discovery able to give a 100%
satisfaction guarantee?

Such is our confidence in the quality of Discovery products that if the paper fails to live up to your expectations, we undertake to replace it. Only Europe´s best-selling 75g.m-2 paper can offer you that. This unrivalled guarantee is designed to help professional end-users to overcome the psychological barrier posed by lower grammage 75g.m-2 paper.

Boost profitability with high performance paper

The superior performance of Discovery means a higher number of prints/hour, when compared with competing 80g.m-2 products.

  • Boost profitability with high performance paper
  • Trouble-free operation and good runnability are key requirements