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Special Formula
What’s so special about Discovery paper?

Discovery is made using Eucalyptus globulus fibres and a specially developed additive (precipitated calcium carbonate). This cutting-edge technology results in paper of unique quality.

Discovery is a lightweight paper (75g.m-2) offering all the qualities – thickness, stiffness and opacity - of a traditional grammage (80g.m-2).

Discovery - The next generation of office paper

Eucalyptus globulus

Eucalyptus globulus is the most common eucalyptus variety grown in Portugal and the main source of raw material for the country’s pulp and paper industry. Introduced in around 1830, the species is ideally suited to Portugal’s climate and soil type, and has played an important role in the the expansion of the country’s woodlands, rivalling the cork oak in terms of area.

Experts regard Eucalyptus globulus as the world’s best fibre type for production of top quality printing and writing papers. The wood is composed of short fibres, which are highly homogeneous and make for excellent bulk and rigidity, offering a high degree of dimensional stability and resistance to damp. As well as providing fibres with superb papermaking potential, this fast-growing, high-yield species can be processed into pulp at a lower chemical charge.

Eucalyptus tree